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New for 2017

The following models were officially released by Breyer in 2017, with some sneaking out in mid to late December 2016. For additional photos and information on these releases click on the model number (or mold name, in the case of sets) and you'll be taken to the relevant mold page. 2017 BreyerFest Live and Silent Auctions models will be found on the 2017 BreyerFest page and Breyer's new "Corral Pals" can be found on the Identify Your CollectA website.

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Photo Model # Name


For Sale
1769 Bandera    
1774 Hwin    
1775 Van Gogh    
1776 Paint Me a Pepto    
1777 Fantasia Del C and Gozosa    
90181 Yasmin First Production Piece Premier Collection  
711275 Sokkar BreyerFest Early Bird Raffle  
712208 Blossom and Belle
Spotted Draft Mare & Foal Set
Vintage Club  
712226 Moondance Web Special  
712228 Reno Live Show Benefit Model  
  Beachcomber Flagship Dealers  
  Cypress Vintage Club Special Offer  
  Gambler's Choice
Random assortment - Copenhagen, Wedgewood Blue, Gold Charm, or Florentine. Model name unknown.
Vintage Club  
  Nazruddin BreyerFest Celebration Model  
(Model name unknown)
Vintage Club  
  True North Premier Collection  
  Winter Wonderland Holiday Horse  



Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale


Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
9197 Espresso    



Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
916 Chestnut Quarter Horse    
917 Palomino Morgan    
920 Bay Pinto Pony    
923 Grey Arabian    
924 Chestnut Sport Horse    
925 Bay Appaloosa Mustang    
61098 Heroes of the West Standing Thoroughbred, Harper, Haflinger Foal  
62045 Palomino Morgan and Foal Stock Horse Gelding, American Quarter Horse Foal  
62046 Chestnut Arabian and Foal Sagr, Trotting Stock Horse Foal  
62047 Grey Arabian and Foal Black Stallion, Morgan Foal  
62050 Starry Night    
62051 Forthwind    
62118 Bella
2017 Horse of the Year
New sculpture by Kathleen Moody  
  Quarter Horse Family
(Model names unknown)
Vintage Club  



Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
5425 Stablemates Shadow Box With Warmblood, American Saddlebred, Trotting Foal, Standing Stock Horse, Paso Fino, Standardbred, Appaloosa, Friesian, American Quarter Horse, Clydesdale  
6026 Western Play Set With Appaloosa, Dungaree  
6027 English Play Set With Arabian, Standing Stock Horse  
59193 Stablemates Horse Crazy Stable With Standing Thoroughbred  
712212 Licorice and Jellybean
Thoroughbred Lying and Standing Foals
Vintage Club Stablemates Gift  
712214 Coco Stablemates Collector's Club  
  Mirado Stablemates Collector's Club  


Mini Whinnies

Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale


Other Animals

Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
1584 Pocket Box Wild Animals Two wild animals and two stickers per package, shipped blind.  
1585 Pocket Box Aquarium Two sea animals and two stickers per package, shipped blind.  



Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
2072 Barrel Racing Set    


Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
4206 Fantasy Horse Paint Kit With Andalusian Stallion, Arabian - Walking, Peruvian Paso, Rivet, Scrambling Foal  
4207 Paint & Play With Warmblood  
4207 Paint & Play With Morgan  
4207 Paint & Play With Arabian  
4207 Paint & Play With Drafter  
4209 Paint Your Own Farm With Scrambling Foal, Border Collie, Cow, Donkey, Pig  
5349 Breyer Stablemate Truck & Gooseneck Trailer    

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