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Spirit Riding Free Collection


In June of 2017 Breyer introduced models based on  DreamWorks series Spirit Riding Free, available on Netflix. While the main character remains the same there appears to be little story connection to the original Spirit, Stallion of the Cimarron movie and its movie tie-in models.

Photo Model # Name Release Dates
9200 Spirit 2017-present
9201 Chica Linda 2017-present
9202 Boomerang 2017-present
9203 Spirit and Lucky Gift Set 2017-present
9204 Boomerang and Abigail Gift Set 2017-present
9205 Chica Linda and Pru Gift Set 2017-present
9206 Spirit and Lucky Small Set 2017-present
9207 Boomerang and Abigail Small Set 2017-present
9208 Chica Linda and Pru Small Set 2017-present
9210 Spirit Blind Bag

With Mustang, Arabian - Walking, Standing Stock Horse, Rivet, Arabian, Reining, Thoroughbred, Morgan, Donkey, Appaloosa, Cantering Warmblood, Rearing Andalusian

9215 Paint Spirit and Stable

With Mustang

9217 Deluxe Spirit & Friends Painting Kit

With "Small Set" molds

9218 Spirit Paint Kit 2017-present
9229 Spirit & Lucky Musical Jewelry Box
With Cantering Thoroughbred Mare
9237 Spirit Mini Paint Kit
With Mustang
9238 Chica Linda Mini Paint Kit
With Arabian - Walking
9239 Boomerang Mini Paint Kit
With Standing Stock Horse
9241 Spirit and Lucky Gift Set 2017-present
9252 Spirit Plush 2017-present
9253 Chica Linda Plush 2017-present
9254 Boomerang Plush 2017-present
9256 Spirit and Friends 2017-present

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