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Breeding Model Horses
(aka Pedigree Assignment)


Some model horse collectors like to create a pedigree for their horses similar to those of "real" horses. Some make up fictitious sires and dams, while others use the names of other model horses. If you would like to use another collector's model horse as a sire or dam for one of yours be sure to get permission first!

If you're interested in the genetics of breeding and color assignments you should check out the International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association. I especially recommend their "An Introduction to Model Horse Pedigree Assignment" page!  IPABRA was designed for those interested in pedigree assignment to promote education in color genetics, bloodlines, and breed types. The membership includes many friends from overseas. IPABRA offers a bi-monthly newsletter, free monthly point shows, year end and cumulative awards, judging opportunities with year-end prize drawings, a free tack library to borrow tack for performance classes, bi-annual benefit auctions, a stud book of memberís breeding stock, and private yahoo group.

If you have a sire/dam listing of your own, please feel free to email me.

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