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(c) Janice Cox

The Cougar was introduced in 2001 and was sculpted by Kitty Cantrell. It is in the Classic scale.

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Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
(c) Janice Cox     610 Flicka Movie Set
With Andalusian Stallion
light grayish tan 2006-2007  
(c) Breyer Animal Creations     3813 Cougar light tan 2005-2006  
(c) Erica Schmidt     710602 Bandit and Kohana Set
With Wolf
grayish tan 2002 BreyerFest Special Run
(750 sets made)
(c) Janice Cox     750101 Rufo and Diablo
With Fighting Mesteño
matte tan 2001 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

(c) Carrie Millette     750104 Tornado, Blue Roan Mustang and Fiesta the Cougar
With Bucking Bronco
shaded brown 2004 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

(c) Laura Hilkemann (c) Janice Cox   750201 Azul and Fausto
With Fighting Mesteño
lighter tan 2001 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox   750203 Eclipse, Black Stallion with Tawny Cougar
With Mesteño
tawny brown 2003 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

    750206 Notaxe, Bay Bronco and Adohi, Cougar
With Bucking Bronco
  2007 Walmart

America's Wild Mustangs Series

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