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Pocket  Box Dogs


Pocket Box Dogs, introduced in 2016, are micro-mini models in roughly Stablemate scale. To date they have only been offered in blind bags, each of which contains a random adult dog, a puppy, a sticker, and a dog bowl, all in a cardboard "mini home" box. There are a total of 24 different breeds represented.

I don't yet have in-hand photos of each mold and am uncertain as to the proper breed for each mold. If you can help please email me!

symbol means that I don't yet have a picture of that model. If you can help, please see the Help Wanted section. Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture.

Mold Photo

Mold Photo Mold Name/Breed Mold Photo Mold Photo Mold Name/Breed
Alano Espaňol German Shepherd
Beagle Husky
  Bernese Mountain Jack Russell
Boxer Labrador
Bracco Italiano Newfoundland
Bulldog Pomeranian
Chow Chow Poodle
Cocker Spaniel Saint Bernard
Collie Shar Pei
Dachshund Spaniel
Doberman Toller
Fox Terrier West Highland


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