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Brown Sunshine

(c) Hilary Hurley

Brown Sunshine was introduced in 1996 and is named for the equine star of Marguerite Henry's book Brown Sunshine of Sawdust Valley. It was sculpted by Bonnie Shields and is Breyer mold #484.

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Photo Photo Box Card/
Hang Tag
Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes

(c) Hilary Hurley

    484 Brown Sunshine sorrel, white mane/tail, lighter muzzle and lower legs 1996-1997 Showing sculptor's signature. Signature not on other models.

(c) Stephanie Michel

      747 Saddle Mule dark seal bay, lighter muzzle, black points 1998-2000

(c) Jamie Dulin

      1144 Spotted Mule bay semi-leopard, grey-shaded muzzle, dark brown mane/tail 2001-2002

1207 Maynard's Miss Sheba buckskin, chocolate brown points, dorsal stripe, primitive leg bars, dark brown near shoulder stripe 2003-2005 With small booklet, shown
  1364 Sergeant silvery dapple grey, blaze, shaded muzzle, dark grey mane, dark and light grey tail, shaded knees and hocks July-Dec 2009 Collector's Choice
    1746 Jubilation - Mule Limited Edition bay pinto, black points, four high stockings 2015 Limited Edition
(c) Elizabeth Emswiler       790998 That Darn Mule dark seal bay, lighter muzzle, black points 1998

Southern States Distribution
(700 made)

Same as #747

(c) TerriAnn Bishop (c) TerriAnn Bishop     790998 "AB747 Al's Mule 1998" dark seal bay, lighter muzzle, black points 1998

Al's Farm Toys (Part of 700, above)
(100 made)

Same as #747

(c) Jackie Hamilton         Brindle Striped Mule brindle striped, four stockings 1999 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)
(c) Kevin Strauss         Brown Sunshine light grey, dark grey tail, ears, knees and muzzle, 2006 (?) Probable test run

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