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Cutting Horse

The Cutting Horse mold was introduced in 1997 and has a small, round, " Breyer Reeves" mold stamp. It was sculpted by Carol Herden and is Breyer mold #491.

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Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through
  1254 Smart Little Lena
With Cutting Calf
chestnut 2004 Commemorative Edition
1436 Spirit of the West
With Cutting Calf, Border Collie
buckskin blanket 2011-2013  
(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox     3297 Cutting Horse and Cow
With Cutting Calf
buckskin 1997-1999  
(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox     3355 Cutting Horse and Cow
With Cutting Calf
grullo paint 2000-2001
    61091 Cutting Horse and Calf
With Cutting Calf
bay, blaze, black points, near fore and off hind socks 2015-present  

Mold introduction