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The Pegasus mold was created in 1984 from the Lipizzan mold, with the addition of wings sculpted by Maureen Love. The mold was originally sculpted by Chris Hess and is Breyer mold #209.

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Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through
(c) Stephanie Michel     209 Pegasus alabaster 1984-1987  
(c) Reeves International, Inc.     3365 Mystical Pegasus iridescent white, silver trim on wings 2002-2004
    62052 Cosmus pearly lavender 2017-present  

    720500 Pegasus III pearlescent white, silver trim on wings 2000 Toys 'R' Us

(c) Julie Wignall

    720598 Pegasus alabaster, gold trim on wings 1998 Toys 'R' Us

(c) Janice Cox


720899 Pegasus II light blue 1999 Toys 'R' Us
(c) Sue Lehman     Pegasus Flying Horse flocked blue-toned white 1985 JCPenney Holiday Catalog
      Glossy Chalky White glossy white 1998 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity

Pegasus pearly semi-gloss white, gold trim ~1992 or 2009 Probable Test

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