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The Mariah mold was sculpted by Kristina Lucas Francis and is Breyer mold #659.

A symbol means that I don't yet have a picture of that model. If you can help, please see the Help Wanted section. Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture.


Photo Photo Box Card Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
  917 Palomino Morgan palomino, white mane/tail, near fore and off hind stockings    
  928 Chestnut Morgan chestnut, flaxen mane/tail, four socks 2015-2016  
  62042 Raven black Morgan with sun bleaching and red bay Morgan foal
With Morgan Foal
sun-bleached black, black points, blaze, snip 2014-2016 Also sold in #712976, Classics Country Stable Gift Set
(c) Kellie Defosset (c) Kellie Defosset 62113 Mariah, Morab
Classics Horse of the Year
dapple grey, darker grey mane, grey and white tail, four socks 2013  
62113G Glossy Mariah glossy dapple grey, darker grey mane, grey and white tail, four socks 2014 Live Show Benefit Program
Kids/Novice Prize
(~20 made)
(c) Reeves International, Inc. (c) Reeves International, Inc.     711999 Glitter and Gem
With Warmblood Foal
palomino, white mane/tail, shaded muzzle, four stockings 2014 Online Special

Shipped in a mail order box. Horn added, came with iridescent purple blanket with yellow trim.

      712115 Breyer Kids Club Deluxe Gift Set
With membership card, blanket, booklet, drawstring bag, Young Rider magazine subscription, $5 coupon, $1 donation to ASPCA
red roan, red chestnut mane/tail and lower legs, near hind sock 2015-2016  

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