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Stock Horse Foal

(c) Hilary Hurley  (c) Hilary Hurley

The Stock Horse Foal (SHF), also called Stock Horse Foal Smooth Coat or Standing Stock Horse Foal, was introduced in 1983 and has the round "Breyer Molding Co." mold stamp. It was sculpted by Chris Hess and is Breyer mold #228.

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Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
(c)     224 American Buckskin Stock Horse Foal buckskin, solid face, charcoal/grey nose, black points 1987-1988 Same as 1983-84 JCPenney Set

(c) Janice Cox

    228 Bay Quarter Horse Stock Foal
American Quarter Horse Foal
bay, solid face, black points, hind socks or four socks 1983-1988


    231 Pinto Stock Horse Foal
Paint Stock Horse Foal
American Paint Horse Foal
black tobiano, stripe, four stockings 1983-1988


    234 Appaloosa Stock Horse Foal matte and semigloss grey blanket, most with bald face, some with star, black points 1983-1986
(c) Foxfire Grove Stables     746 Grey Quarter Horse Foal shaded grey, bald face, shaded muzzle, black points, hind socks 1998

(c) Hilary Hurley

  772 Paint Foal palomino paint, bald face, pink muzzle, white mane/tail, three stockings, off hind sock 1999-2001

(c) Janice Cox

    778 American Quarter Horse Foal bay, shaded muzzle, blaze, black points, four socks 1999-2001

(c) Hilary Hurley

    809 Paint Horse Foal liver chestnut overo, stripe with pink nose, darker liver mane/tail, hind stockings 1989-1990
(c)     844 Paint Horse Foal light chestnut pinto, blaze, darker chestnut mane/tail, hind socks 1991-1992

(c) Hilary Hurley

861 Family Appaloosa Foal bay blanket, stripe, black points, off fore and hind socks 1992-1994  
(c) E. Brase     999 Golden Joy, Palomino Paint palomino overo, blaze, white mane/tail, hind stockings 1997-1998 Models issued in the first three months of 1997 have tri-colored eyes. Later models have black eyes.

(c) Jamie Dulin

1170 Paint Foal, Brown Dun brown dun pinto, star/stripe/snip, black points, dorsal stripe, primitive leg barring, four socks 2002-2004  
(c) Janice Cox   1375 Fun Foals Collector's Event chestnut pintaloosa, blaze, snip, mane/tail same color as body, fore stockings hind socks 2009 Treasure Hunt

Jumping Horse and Running Mare Prize

(c) Reeves International, Inc.     1446 Overo Pinto Mare & Foal
With Lady Phase
bay overo, bald face down over muzzle, dark brown/black mane, black tail, near stockings 2012-present  
1751 Rocky
With blanket and bracelet
sorrel semi-leopard, sorrel and white mane/tail, three socks, not near fore 2016-2017 Also sold in #712979, Best Friends Gift Set
(c) Hilary Hurley     410392 Night Vision
With Lady Phase
slightly semigloss dark bay snowflake, solid face, black points, hind socks 1992

Black Horse Ranch
(1,500 made)

Most are hand numbered in gold on belly and most with numbered certificate.

(c) Jamie Dulin     492092 Spirit of the West
With Lady Phase
bay overo, wide blaze covering muzzle, black points, off fore and hind socks 1992 Sears Holiday Catalog
(4,500 made)
700593 Watchful Mare and Foal
With Lady Phase
pale smoke grey, bald face, striped medium and light grey mane/tail, pink ears and nose, medium grey legs 1993 Toys 'R' Us
(18,000 made)

(c) Greystone

    707598 Cowboy Pride Ranch Horse Set
With John Henry, Running Stallion
palomino blanket, shaded muzzle, flaxen mane, white tail, hind socks 1998 JCPenney Holiday Catalog
760798 Legacy Gift Set, Paint Stallion and Foal
With Stud Spider
bay pinto, low stripe and snip, black and white mane, black tail, four stockings 1998 Sears Holiday Catalog
      Assorted Mare and Foals Stable Set
With Proud Arabian Foal, Proud Arabian Mare, Phantom Wings
matte and semigloss grey blanket, most with bald face, some with star, black points 1983

JCPenney Holiday Catalog

Same as #234

(c) Jamie Dulin   Stock Horse Family
With Stock Horse Mare, Stock Horse Stallion
matte and semigloss grey blanket, most with bald face, some with star, black points 1983  

Sears Holiday Catalog

Same as #234

(c) Kellie Defosset (c) Angela Irwin     Palomino Horse and Foal Set
With Foundation Stallion
palomino, bald face, white points 1983 Montgomery Ward Holiday Catalog
(c) Jamie Dulin (c) Judy Stouffer   Quarter Horse Mare and Foal
Set shown with box and catalog
With Lady Phase
buckskin, bald or solid face, charcoal/grey nose, black points 1983-1984  

JCPenney Holiday Catalog
(~8,000 made)

Same as #224

      Test Color Sorrel Standing Stock Horse Foal sorrel 1993 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)
      Test Color Palomino Blanket Appaloosa Standing Stock Foal palomino blanket 1993 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)
(c) Shannon Southard       Stock Horse Foal charcoal, white points ? Test Run

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