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Promotional Materials

Promotional material is designed to increase awareness of the Breyer brand as well as to sell specific model horses and accessories. Much of it has been released by Breyer itself, but retailers including Sears, JCPenney, Tractor Supply Company, and Mid-States Distributing have also issued advertisements and other promotional material featuring Breyer model horses. This page, while by no means complete, includes all of the material that has been submitted to this site or is owned by me. If you have Breyer promotional items or scans of those items that you'd like to share, please contact me.

1964 Decorator Sales Flyer 1973 "Wanted" promotional flier 1976 Wards catalog 2004 Hidalgo movie promotion

Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture.

Photo Description Released By Release Dates
Sears Holiday Catalog Sears 1956 or 1957
French Poodle and Perfume Set Spiegel 1957
"Simulated Wood Grain" catalog page Montgomery Wards 1959
Arabian Family Sets advertisement
(FAS, Old Mold PAM and PAF)
Frontier Saddlery ~1959-1960
"Poodle" Lamp Spiegel 1961
Sears Wishbook catalog page Sears ~1962-1973
Dealer Sales Flyer - Decorator models Breyer 1964
1964 Dealer Price List Breyer 1964
Price List Breyer 1969
Sears Holiday Catalog Sears late 1960s-early 1970s
"Name the Yearling" Contest Breyer 1970
"Name the Yearling" Results Western Horseman 1970
Showcase Collection Breyer 1970
Indian Pony Introduction Breyer Advertisement 1970
Breyer Presentation Collection Advertisement Western Horseman (?) 1971
Clydesdale Gift Set Introduction Breyer advertisement 1971
Clydesdale Gift Sale NASCO advertisement 1971
"Shades of the Real Thing" Breyer, in magazine 1973
"Wanted" promotional flier, included with dealer packet Breyer 1973
JCPenney catalog page JCPenney 1974
Sales Flier Breyer 1975
Political Parties Elephant and Donkey Breyer 1976
Montgomery Wards catalog page Montgomery Wards 1976
JCPenney catalog page JCPenney 1977
Sears Wishbook catalog page Sears 1977
Montgomery Wards catalog page Montgomery Wards 1977
Sears Wishbook catalog page Sears 1979
"Invite a Horse Home" Breyer ~1982-1988
Montgomery Wards catalog page Montgomery Wards 1980
JCPenney catalog page JCPenney 1982
"Real isn't how you are made!" advertisement Breyer prior to 1984
Sears Wish Book page Sears 1987
Sears Wish Book page Sears 1989
Sears Wish Book page Sears 1990
JCPenney Holiday Catalog page JCPenney 1994
JCPenney Holiday Catalog page JCPenney 1995
JCPenney Holiday Catalog page JCPenney 1996
JCPenney Holiday Catalog page JCPenney 1997
JCPenney Holiday Catalog page JCPenney 1998
Sears Wish Book page Sears 1999
Roy Rogers Trigger Breyer 1999
Argo Breyer 1999
Nosferatu Breyer 2002
  Back in the Saddle equine gift magazine   2003
Merry Widow Breyer 2003
Stablemates Display Shelf Breyer 2003
"2004 Items for December Shipping" Breyer 2003
Autograph Collector's Bull Breyer 2003/2004
Cryptic Breyer 2004
Hidalgo Breyer 2004
Horse Power promotional flyer Breyer ~2005
2005 Halloween Collection Breyer 2005
2005 Halloween Collection - Phantasma & Haunted Hayride Breyer 2005
"Go Back to School with the Classics" Breyer Fall 2005
2006 Sneak Peek Breyer 2005
"Meet Jingles" Breyer 2006
"Stock Horse Treasure Hunt" Breyer 2006
Racing Days Thoroughbred Collection Breyer 2006
2007 Sneak Preview Breyer 2006
Twilight Terror Breyer 2007
Limited Edition Medalist Models, other items Breyer 2008
Fall 2009 Retailer Special
Breyer 2009
Paper Catalog - mailed to customers Breyer 2014
BreyerFest promotional flyer Breyer ?
BreyerFest promotional flyer Breyer ?

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