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Live Show Benefit Program

Zuni, the 2013 Show Benefit Model Razzmatazz, the 2015 Show Benefit Model

In 2013 Breyer introduced the Live Show Benefit Program, which is designed to boost attendance and attract new showers, kids and first time showers in particular, and to encourage live show managers to offer divisions for children age twelve and under. Live shows must be NAMHSA approved and show benefit models are to be distributed as a door prize, one to a show. Shows offering a Kids Division (for showers age fourteen and under) also receive a glossy Classic scale model which can be raffled, auctioned, or given away at the show. Developed by Sommer Prosser, the program is now run by Silke Brockmoeller. For more information, please see Breyer's website.

Year Released


Button Model Number Name Division
2013   711987 Glossy Black Beauty Kids/Novice Prize
2013 760239 Zuni Show Benefit Model
2014   62113G Glossy Mariah Kids/Novice Prize
2014 712116 Lionesse Show Benefit Model
2015   62114G Glossy Amelia Kids Prize
2015 712149 Razzmatazz Show Benefit Model
2016   712183 Glossy Liam Kids Prize
2016 712182 Chase Show Benefit Model
2017   62116 Glossy Harper Kids Prize
2017 712228 Reno Show Benefit Model
    62118 Glossy Bella Kids Prize
      Vulcan Show Benefit Model