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Test Piece Raffle Models

In May of 2016 Breyer began offering test pieces from their warehouse to members of its Collector Club via online raffle. Breyer test run models are initially painted to see how a particular color might look on a particular sculpture.  Or, they may be created to test out a painting technique or new colorway.  Not all test run models are used, and they may vary over time as different painting techniques are developed and tested.  Each model has a fixed price and interested members enter a random draw for the ability to purchase the test piece. To see a copy of the initial offering click on the date of release. For additional photos of each model click on the model number and you'll be taken to the appropriate mold page.

Date Photo Model # Name Price
May 2016 430040 Appaloosa Ranch Horse Test Piece $850
June 2016 430040 Indian Pony Test Piece $850
August 2016 430040 Dun Phar Lap Test Piece $850
November 2016 430040 Glossy Bay Appaloosa Draft Mare Test Piece $850

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