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2007 "Where in the World is Pegasus?" Treasure Hunt

2007's Treasure Hunt involved the purchase of four Silver models. Mailing in those UPCs to Breyer would reward the collector with the Mythical Pegasus model. Two additional colors, glossy silver filigree and glossy charcoal, were found on retail shelves in treasure hunt boxes and fewer than 500 are believed to have been made of each of these.


Model Number Name Color
1300 Treasure Hunt - retail model bay pinto
1301 Treasure Hunt - retail model silver dun
1302 Treasure Hunt - retail model red sorrel blanket
1303 Treasure Hunt - retail model rose grey


Mythical Pegasus - prize model iridescent white
1193 Treasure Hunt - surprise retail model glossy silver filigree
1194 Treasure Hunt - surprise retail model glossy charcoal