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2020 Collector Club Appreciation Day

October 20-21, 2020

"Thank you to all of our Collector Club members who participated in our annual Collector Club Appreciation event this year! Now that everyone's packages have had some time to arrive, we're rounding up this year's selection of glossy models. Warning - spoilers ahead!

The total quantity of this year's models was 1,860, with the numbers of each individual model roughly equal (approx. 200-250 each)."

*Models all shipped in boxes marked as model #8224.*

1789 - EZ to Spot 1806 - Catch Me 1809 - Dominante XXIX
1810 - Truly Unsurpassed 1816 - Buckeye 1823 - Sable Island Horse
1824 - American Quarter Horse 1828 - Winx  


"Breyer wants to extend that sentiment to our Collector Club members who show their support throughout the year. And you know what that means�it�s time for our Collector Club Appreciation Event! Purchase $125 of regular line products on and receive a FREE gift!*

We�re so excited about these exclusive pieces available only to 2020 Collector Club members, and we�re sure you will be, too! Will you get the glossy version of the Champion Australian racehorse, Winx? Maybe Buckeye, the Dressage mule in a high gloss finish? Or the striking Catch Me, sporting a glossy coat? These are just three of the models being offered in this event, and all will be featured in glossy finishes. Which one will you receive?"