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2016 Collector Club Exclusive

Meet Gideon, a Breyer Collector Club Exclusive!

Gideon is the epitome of the beauty and athleticism of the American Paint Horse. His deeply shaded and beautifully patterned coat accentuate his strong working stock horse conformation and flowing mane and tail.

As a Breyer Collector Club special edition, Gideon will be a treasured addition to your collection!  Marked Collector Club 2016 on the belly.

1000 Piece Limited Edition!

Limit one (1) Gideon model per Collector Club member, while supplies last.

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Note: While supplies last, item may not be available when you visit the website. Gideon is excluded from all discounts, promotional codes, sales, and/or special offers at this time. Any remaining Gideon models which have not been purchased by Collector Club members may be sold to general consumers, at Reeves sole discretion.

Item#: 712181HD | Age: 8+ | Scale: 1:9

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