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Just About Horses - 1986

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1986-1.jpg (525868 bytes) Volume 13, No. 1
  • The Arabian - The Proud Breed
  • The Pride in Remade Models
  • Recipe for a Champion
  • An Artist's Story: Nancy Strowger
  • Showing the Model Arabian
  • Remaking: A Horse's View
  • Breyer History: Running Mare
  • The Lady Roxana
  • Jewels of the Desert
  • Buying Tips for Repainted/Remade Models
1986-2.jpg (483529 bytes) Volume 13, No. 2
  • The Story of Sierra Wind
  • The Horse That Time Forgot
  • Featured Dealer: Toy & Model Shop
  • How on Earth Do People "Trailer" These Critters?
  • Blast from the Past: Canadian Mountie
  • The Lady Roxana
  • Thoughts on Lady Roxana
  • So Your Want to Show Your Models...
Volume 13, No. 3
  • The Horse of Kings
  • The Green Pasture
  • Basic Showmanship Tips
  • Draft Horses in the Show Ring
  • Show That Shire
  • It's the Little Things
  • Breyer Nationwide
  • Blast from the Past
Volume 13, No. 4
  • Run, Chiefie, Run
  • Flecha
  • Live Show Results
  • Fantasy Horses
  • How to Hold a Photo Show Without Going Crazy
  • What is a Model Horse Club
  • Model Horses and the Sport of Kings

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