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Just About Horses - 1991

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Volume 18, No. 1
  • New Breyer Items for 1991
  • BreyerFest: A Record Breaker!
  • Equinewsinbriefashion
  • Newcomer's Corner: Stuck on You: How to Glue Manes
  • How To: Fixing that Flea Market Find
  • Misty's Twilight - #470
  • Limited Edition: Dream Weaver
  • Pluto, the Lippizzaner - #475
  • Celebrating Their 20th Anniversary: HAHS (Hooved Animal Humane Society)
  • Vintage Point: "Pink" models
1991-2.jpg (515802 bytes) Volume 18, No. 2: Summer I
  • BreyerFests
  • Win a Wild Horse!
  • Hints: Good safety tips
  • Naomi Tyler
  • Decorator Colors
  • Mustang Lady: BreyerFest Dinner Model
    (gray Indian Pony w/freeze marking)
  • (Manes &) Tails from the Vienna Woods
  • Newcomer's Corner: The art of carving horseshoes
  • How To: Should You Make Your Own Tack
  • Vintage Point: Family Arab nightlights, Breyer lamps
1991-3.jpg (520018 bytes) Volume 18, No. 3: Summer II
  • BreyerFests: Some wheres and whens
  • Ultimate, Dude!
  • How To: Making realism realistic
  • HAHS Rescues 17 More Horses and Ponies
  • Diorama Rules
  • The Making of a Breyer
  • The Painter's Art
  • Vintage Point: Kitten
Volume 18, No. 4
  • Pluto and His Sons
  • Cartoon Corral
  • How To: P.A.M. P.A.M. (Proud Arab Mare Professional Artistic Modification)
  • The 2nd Ever JAH Caption Contest
  • Fun Tips to Know and Shout About
  • Newcomer's Corner: commonly used abbreviations
  • America's Newest Registry The Kiger Mesteño Association of Oregon
  • Sneak Preview: Icelandic Pony
  • Kathleen Moody, Equine Artist Since Day 1,460
  • Vintage Point: Breyer Dogs
Volume 18, No. 5
  • A Beginner's Guide to Planning a Model Horse Expo, Part I
  • HAHS/Breyer Name the Foal Contest
  • How To: PAM Customizing
  • Newcomer's Corner: Repairing Broken Models
  • Always in Motion: Artist Kim McElroy
  • Sneak Preview: Mesteño the Messenger
  • JAH 1991 Special: Black Jumping Stallion
  • Vintage Point: I Am Sam I Am

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