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Just About Horses - 2007

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  Volume 34, No. 1: Jan/Feb
  • Plastic Ponies in Portland
  • An Insider's Guide to BreyerFest
  • Paint Your Dream Horse 2nd Round Winners
  • Salinero
  • Cassiopeia - Connoisseur Series
  • Model Horse Show: Realistic Details Make the Difference in a Costume Class
  • Collector's Corner: Alexandra and Gregory Rogers
  • Book Review: Robin, by Kim Abbot
  • Winner's Circle: Kylee Rollo, Erin Schaeffer, Tricia Singer, Karen Hoagland
  • Ears to a Quick Fix (Repairing broken ears)
  • How To: Skijoring
  • Who Will Be the Next UK Model?
  • Vintage Point: Rugged Lark
Volume 34, No. 2: Mar/April
  • 2007 Picture Perfect Contest Rules
  • Windtalker: Collector's Choice 2007 Spring Edition
  • Cefnoakpark Bouncer
  • Nokota: Native Horse of the Northern Plains
  • Scallywag - Connoisseur Series
  • Model Horse Show: A Leisurely Ride on a Western Tacked Horse
  • Winner's Circle: Elise Partanen, Sharon Layman, Debby Denniston, Kathleen Jamison
  • Experience BreyerWest
  • Paint Your Dream Horse Winners, Division Three
  • BreyerFest Stars and Stripes Update
  • How To: Repositioning the Neck
  • The Pony Express: Galloping into History
  • Lucky Lottie - Lottie Harris-Turner
  • Vintage Point: Stablemates Clydesdale
Volume 34, No. 3: May/June
  • BreyerFest Stars and Stripes
  • American Paint Horse: Color + Versatility = Popularity
  • A Family Affair: The 2007 World Championship Paint Horse Show
  • The Artist's Sketch: Meeting Some of the Hobby's Best Customizers - Danielle Feldman
  • Will the Prehistoric Trait du Nord Go the Way of the Dinosaur?
  • Sand Dollar - Connoisseur Series
  • Winner's Circle: Janet Vernon, Erin Corbett, Debbie Younack, Hannah Kelsey
  • Model Horse Show: Thoroughbred Racing
  • Ruffian Movie
  • Pasteling: A Fun Finale
  • Collector's Classes: Showcasing Your Models
  • Collector's Corner: Jody Sumner
  • Vintage Point: Classic Terrang
Volume 34, No. 4: July/August
  • BreyerFest Stars and Stripes Update
  • Barrel Racer Hotshot
  • The Artist's Sketch: Sarah Rose
  • Sierra Blanco: 2007 Fall Collector's Choice
  • Model Horse Hobbyists Save Real Horses
  • Barrel Racing 101
  • Model Horse Show: Blast Around Those Barrels!
  • Winner's Circle: Danielle Keller, Jeanette Pook, Danielle Morano, Tom and Annette Dean
  • Happy Endings: An Easy Fix for a Broken Tail
  • British Equine Collectors Forum Hobby Day
  • Collector's Corner: Diane and Scott Keiter
  • Vintage Point: Classic Mustang Foal
Volume 34, No. 5: Sept/Oct
  • Harmonie is Music to the Ears of Dutch Harness Horse Enthusiasts
  • John Wayne's Duke
  • Winner's Circle: Meghan Namaste, Allie Grant, Britne Meyer, Christine Othitis
  • The Artist's Sketch: Jennifer Wilson
  • Collector's Corner: Bo Roberts
  • Holiday Artwork Contest Rules
  • 2007 JAH Special: Reflector and Mirror Image
  • 2007 BreyerFest Special Run Models
  • 2007 BreyerFest Special Guests
  • BreyerFest: Where Model Horse Dreams Come True (Show results)
  • Model Horse Show: Halloween Scenes to Spook Even a Model Horse
  • North American Nationals 2007
  • Splash! 15 Steps to Create a Seahorse!
  • Vintage Point: Stablemates Paso Fino
Volume 34, No. 6: Nov/Dec
  • Model Horses are Not Just for Girls
  • Color Crazy! 2008 Collector Event
  • Rubicon - Connoisseur Series
  • The Artist's Sketch: DeeAnn Kjelshus
  • Winner's Circe: Robin Heck, Michelle Grant, Christine Armstrong, Frances Lowe
  • The Azteca: El Caballo Supremo
  • Rubicon: Connoisseur model
  • Ariat & Breyer Team Up!
  • 2008 Retired List
  • Model Horse Show: Christmas Scenes
  • Collector's Corner: Jordyn Jones
  • Creating the Holiday Cover
  • Creating a Winter Wonderland
  • Holiday Art Contest Winners
  • Vintage Point: Touch of Class

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