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Messenger Series

Breyer's Messenger Series featured a series of Classic series models representing Kiger Mustangs, a small, dun factor breed of Spanish descent found near the Kiger Gorge on the Steens Mountains in Oregon. The molds were all sculpted by artist Rowland Cheney and based on a series of watercolor paintings also created by Mr. Cheney. The series focuses on lead stallion Mesteño (Spanish for Messenger) at different stages of his life and on his immediate family.

Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Description from Breyer's dealer catalogs Release Dates
  480 Mesteño, The Messenger
Mesteño, the mystical stallion of the Steens Mountains in Southeastern Oregon, represents the strength, courage and commitment that founded this great American Nation. He is the dominant stallion of the famous wild Kiger Mustangs which have been recognized as the few remaining mustangs of Spanish descent left in the wild today. 1992-1998
4810 The Dawning, Mesteño and Mother
Mesteño's Mother, Mesteño the Foal
The Dawning marks the beginning of Mesteño's life. He is destined to be the Messenger of the Kiger Mustang Legacy. A newborn, Mesteño will gain the hard-earned wisdom of his ancestors. He will grow strong and wise, to become the patriarch in the Steens Mountains. He will learn the essence of his environment, and experience its joys. When Mesteño is full grown, he will come as the Messenger; brining us the story of the Kiger Mustangs. 1993-1997
4811 The Challenger - Gift Set
Mesteño and Sombra
Fighting Mesteño, Sombra
Young Mesteño must meet the challengers of his peers to achieve dominance as the herd stallion of the Kiger Mustangs. He will do battle many times to maintain his status. Sombra is also a young and strong stallion seeking status within the wild herd. By the time they are three years of age they will become "The Challengers" in pursuit of their own band of mares. These challenges will be met by young and old, time and again throughout their lives. 1994-1997
4812 The Progeny - Gift Set
Mesteño and His Yearling
Charging Mesteño, Rojo
Established as herd stallion, Mesteño must protect his band from intruders and predators. He will successfully bring many offspring into the world over his reign as the monarch of the mountain. Rojo, Mesteño's progeny, is a strong colt following in his father's footsteps. He is a light red dun of striking stature with a ruddy coat, multi-colored mane and tail and a dark red dorsal stripe from his mane to the base of his tail. He shows his sire's qualities of strength, courage and commitment to life. He shall be known as Rojo, the Newcomer, son of Mesteño. 1995
  481 Reflections Mesteño
Reflections Mesteño
Now in his twilight years, Mesteño surveys the land to which he belongs. He has led a noble life and has carried out his mission as "The Messenger" by perpetuating the rare genetic qualities of his forefathers, the Kiger Mustangs, a distinctive breed of the American Mustang. In the wild only the toughest, most intelligent stallions become leaders of the herd. Mesteño passed the challenges of his natural environment to become the most influential stallion in the Steens Mountain Range. The heritage of Mesteño is destined to live on through his many dun-colored sons and daughters. 1996

1992 dealer catalog introduction