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Collector Club Exclusive


Scotty was a "Gamblers Choice" web special available only to members of Breyer's Collector Club. Models were shipped blind, with buyers receiving one of the colors shown. In 2016 members voted on their favorite of four colors, shown on the Classic series Swaps model. According to Breyer the three colors shown were tied in the voting. Five hundred of each were made.

Introducing Scotty! A Breyer Collector Club Exclusive Gambler�s Choice!
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Three Colors in Dead Heat!

Breyer Collector Club members had the opportunity in July 2016 to view four gorgeous colors and pick their favorite!  The four colors were inspired by the popular Traditional models Jazz Fusion, Fandango, Burbank and Uncalled For.  Three colors were so closely tied, and the fourth also so close behind that we decided to make the top three available in a gambler's choice!   

The three colors for Scotty include glossy dark bay tobiano, glossy silver bay with chrome and a lovely bay roan blanket appaloosa in matte finish.  Each is a stunning and beautiful piece! But which one will you get?

Limit one (1) model per Collector Club member, while supplies last.

Scotty is a Classics 1:12 scale model and comes in a mail order box.

Scotty model is chosen at random
(you cannot choose which one you will receive)

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Note: Offer available to valid, current 2016/2017 Collector Club members in good standing only, while supplies last. Any remaining models which have not been purchased by Collector Club members may be sold to general consumers on Scotty is excluded from all discounts, promotional codes, sales, and/or special offers at this time.



2017 Collector Club exclusive web special run - collectors voted in 2016 on which color will be sold