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Breyer Blossoms

"Celebrate the beauty of flowers and the spirit of the horse with this exquisitely designed genuine Breyer collectible. The Breyer Blossoms collection features 12 horses, each with their own corresponding birth month! A beautiful sculpture serves as a canvas for colors as varied as the world of flowers. All horses are pearlescent with floral detailing, and have a stunning high gloss finish."

In 2012 Breyer introduced the Breyer Blossoms, a Classic scale series of twelve models, each with their own feature flower for the corresponding month. Collectors who signed up prior to the start of 2012 were offered a discounted rate ($14.95 + shipping for January, $19.95 + shipping thereafter) for the models, which shipped once a month. Models were later also available for $25 each plus shipping through Breyer's website.


Photo Month Model # Name
January 8151 Carnation
February 8152 Violet
March 8153 Daffodil
April 8154 Daisy
May 8155 Lily of the Valley
June 8156 Rose - wrong tag shown
July 8157 Larkspur
August 8158 Poppy
September 8159 Aster
October 8160 Calendula
November 8161 Chrysanthemum
December 8162 Narcissus