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Authorized Breyer Dealers

Below is a list of companies that sell Breyer and other makes of model horses. If you can't find the model you're looking for in your home town buying from a mail order or Internet dealer is the easiest option. This web site makes no warranty about any of these sites, nor do I make a profit from purchases made through these companies with the exception of Most of the dealers listed will have recently discontinued models available. If you're looking for older models or want to sell your collection check out those listed as selling "Vintage" models.

Check them out. Please check references on any hobbyist or business you don't know before buying or selling to them. Places to check references include the Yahoo group Model Horse Hobby References (MHHR), Model Horse Blab's Transaction Board and the Model Horse Transaction Board on Facebook. None of these methods are perfect, but it's a good way to get a general impression of someone before you hand them your money. If you pay via PayPal please be sure to avoid paying via "Friends and Family," as this method offers no protection if your transaction goes badly.

Glossary of terms: Lines: B=Breyer, HR=Hagen-Renaker, C=CollectA, O=Other; Vintage?: Yes=sells (and usually buys) used/not new models, No=sells only new models; Payment: Accepts the following forms of payment: V=VISA, MC=MasterCard, A=American Express, D=Discover, P=PayPal, C=personal checks, M=money orders, T=time payments

Business Name Location Lines Vintage? Payment Online store B, HR, C, O No V, MC, A, C, M
Breyer Horses Official Online Store B No A, D, MC, P, V
Chelsea's Model Horses Online store B, C Yes  
DADSCATS Hendersonville, NC B Yes V, MC, D Online store B No V, MC, A, D, C, M
Golden Oak Stables Duluth, MN B, C No V, MC
Horse Sense Online TC Tack Ltd.
West Sussex, UK
B No V, MC, C, M
Horse'n Around Hudson, WI B, O No V, MC, D, P
Mini Zoo Coffs Harbour NSW
B, O No  
Model Trading Post Online store B, HR Yes V, MC, C, M
Modellpferdeversand Erding, Germany B, O No C, M, P
QC Supply Online and two Nebraska locations B No V, MC, D, A
Rural King Online and multiple retail locations B, O No V, MC, D, A, P
Triple Mountain Model Horses Hiram, Maine and online store B, HR, C, O Yes V, MC, D, A, P, T
TSC - Tractor Supply Co Online and multiple retail locations B No V, MC, A, C, M

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