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October 2011


Stephanie & Marco

Stephanie and her rescue cat Marco

Dear fellow animal lovers and fans of Breyer:


I have had a love for animals for as long as I can remember and found my first Breyer model, an alabaster Shetland pony with three legs, at a flea market when I was probably six years old.  ("Sandy" is still part of my collection, of course.)  I've also always enjoyed sports and fitness of all kinds, including riding, softball, running and more.  When Breyer became involved with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and I heard about their benefit Half Marathon in Los Angeles on October 30th, also known as the Rock n' Roll Marathon, I knew that would be a goal to be proud of.  By training to run the 13 mile race, I'd also be raising funds to help animals through ASPCA.  My four wonderful cats, Molly, Marco, Linus and Sydney, are all shelter adoptions - and it's all I can do not to take in every dog, cat and horse I find at our local organizations.  It's truly heartbreaking to see so many animals in need of homes.  What's going to happen to Cinnamon and Jake??


While I support my local shelters as much as I can, I also enjoy supporting a national organization such as the ASPCA.   They have tremendous reach through television, magazine, newspaper and internet, to educate the general public about responsible care and ownership.  They hammer home the message that it's the right thing to do to treat animals with compassion and respect;  and they have the means to go after and prosecute animal abusers.  To get the message to sink in, ASPCA repeatedly promotes the all-important spay and neuter to prevent more unwanted animals;  and they also drive families to shelters to give a pet a second chance.  This kind of broad awareness helps generate change.


I know that many of you support the cause already with your own responsible ownership and volunteerism.  But I bet you've encountered ignorance in others - those who don't have their animals spayed/neutered or don't train their pet and end up with a problem that a shelter has to solve when it becomes too much.  Let's do something to generate awareness and responsibility - the only way is to constantly repeat the message until it becomes second nature.


Will you consider supporting me as I run my race to help animals?  A donation of any size at all is most welcome - even $5 can make a big difference!  For those who are able to provide a greater commitment of $100 (which is approximately $8.00 a mile!), Breyer has generously donated a very exciting Stablemates model,  "Hermes," (Greek god of athletics and sport, among other things) to help me provide a little thank you.   I'm really excited about this because it's a great gift to help me raise more money for the animals!  All donations are made directly to the ASPCA and are tax deductible.   There are a total of 75 Hermes pieces. 


Donations can be made at the Team ASPCA website as follows:  I will not be able to keep a live tracking of the 75 Stablemates and won't know how many donations I have received in total until after the race (I will pack them up to ship by November 15th), so please only donate because you feel great about supporting the ASPCA!  I can't guarantee a Stablemates model because of this - but I can guarantee that any support you can provide is going to a wonderful cause.  Any questions please email me at Many thanks!


Kind regards,

Stephanie Macejko

Vice President

Marketing & Product Development

Introducing Hermes!

Hermes, ASPCA donation model

Hermes, ASPCA donation Stablemate

Breyer has generously donated 75 pieces of a very exciting Stablemates model,  "Hermes," (Greek god of athletics and sport, among other things).






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