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Norwegian Fjord Mare


The Norwegian Fjord Mare, also known as Astrid, was sculpted by Maggie Jenner-Bennet and debuted as the second Premier Collection model of 2021. Alternate mane variations were introduced in 2022 known as a different mold called the Sport-Pony Fjord.

A symbol means that I don't yet have a picture of that model. If you can help, please see the Help Wanted section. Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture.


Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
1869 Sweetwater's Zorah Belle brown dun (brunblakk) 2023
90201 Astrid gra (black dun), star 2021 Premier Collection
90201G Astrid glossy gra (black dun), star 2021 Premier Collection

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