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Hands Down


The Hands Down mold, official name unknown, was introduced in 2005 as a Citation Christmas ornament. It is Breyer mold #700905.

A symbol means that I don't yet have a picture of that model. If you can help please see the Help Wanted section. Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture.


Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
(c) Reeves International, Inc. (c) Kellie Defosset   700663 Native Dancer Ornament dapple grey, darker grey mane/tail ?  
  700905 Citation Ornament bay, black points, hind socks 2005  
(c) Reeves International, Inc. (c) Reeves International, Inc.   700906 Zenyatta Limited Edition Ornament dark bay, black points, hind stockings 2010  
711304 Hands Down coppery chestnut, chestnut mane/tail, four stockings 2018 BreyerFest Store Special
(3,000 made)


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