Remember, we can't give you an estimate of the value of your model or your model horse collection, BUT there are many resources out there that can help you determine its worth. Please see the About Model Horse Values page for some of these resources.

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Copyright Information and Permitted Uses of Photos and Information from Identify Your Breyer:

We get asked frequently whether photos from our site can be used for different purposes, so the following is to clarify how you may and may not use the photos and information from our reference site.


Submitted Images:
Submitted images used on Identify Your Breyer have been sent to us by collectors, with the understanding that they will be posted publicly on the website to help other collectors identify their models. In doing so, the submitter grants Identify Your Breyer implicit copyrights to the submitted photos. (The photographer still owns copyright as well, but has granted us the right to post and manage use of their submitted photos from our site, including the right to permit others to use these photos for certain purposes.)

Breyer Promotional Images:
In some cases, photos published by Breyer Model Horses Inc. are used on our site. In these instances, Breyer has allowed their use on Identify Your Breyer, but if you want to use their photos, you would need to contact them directly for permission.

Acceptable Uses:
We allow the use of release information on our site for all purposes.

We allow the use of photos from our site for informational and educational purposes, as long as you post next to the photo: “Photo copyright Identify Your Breyer” or “Photo copyright”.

Examples of informational / educational uses:
  • Blog posts and other articles discussing Breyer models
  • Videos discussing Breyer models

Prohibited Uses:
We do not allow, and may pursue legal action against, anyone using photos from our website for commercial purposes, including:
  • Model for sale posts
  • Inclusion in books, videos, or any other format that generates money for any party other than Identify Your Breyer
  • Posting image as being your own

*Exception: The submitting photographer still holds copyright on their photos and may use them for any purpose they wish.