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Halloween Horse Series

Bats in the Belfry, the 2010 Halloween Horse 2010 Trick or Treat Play Set

Since 2001 Breyer has occasionally offered a Halloween Horse, a model with a Halloween theme and decorative finishes, including glow in the dark. From time to time it has also offered gift sets in Classic or Stablemate scale. The gift sets and other seasonal items can be found below.



Model Number Name Mold For Sale
2001 711001 Skullduggery Silver  

710002 Nosferatu Cigar
2003 710003 Merry Widow Marabella
2004 710004 Cryptic Big Ben
2005 710005 Phantasma Smarty Jones
2006 710006 Illuminati Running Stallion
2007 710007 Twilight Terror Show Jumping Warmblood
2010 760232 Bats in the Belfry Nokota
2014 1724 Night Mare Goffert
2015 1747 Ichabod Fighting Stallion  
2016 1763 Poltergeist Ruffian

2017 1778 Calavera Ethereal

Other Seasonal Items



Model Number Name Mold For Sale

5916 Haunted Hayride Rearing Arabian (SM)  

5917 Spooky Stablemates Collection I Rearing ArabianMorgan -  Prancing, Thoroughbred (SM)
2006 710016 Spooky Stablemates Collection II Rearing Andalusian, Mustang, Warmblood (SM)  
2008 712010 Spirit of Hallowed Eve
(Velvet Rope Event)
Fighting Stallion  
2008   Frankenstang
(Velvet Rope Event)
Rearing Andalusian  
2009   Frankensteed
(Lone Star Experience)
Missouri Fox Trotter  
2010 1427 Trick or Treat Play Set Shetland Pony  
2013   Frankenstein
Breyer Facebook Halloween Costume Contest
Rearing Andalusian  
2014 711995 Mischief Night Hobo  
2015 712163 Kasper and Jack American Quarter Horse Foal, Trotting Stock Horse Foal  
2016 712203 Crane Rearing Stallion  
2017 712230 Goblin Harper  

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