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(c) L. Arfsten

(c) Janice Cox

Halla, Left side Halla, Right side Bolya, left side

The Halla mold was introduced in 1977 and is a portrait model of Olympic and World Champion show jumper Halla. The mold has the round "Breyer Molding Co." stamp, and some have the "B" stamp as well. This mold has no forelock, has a braided mane, a banged tail and light musculature. Breyer gave the mold a forelock and unbraided mane, a "beefed up" neck, a tapered tail, and additional musculature to the chest and girth in 1992 and renamed it Bolya. The 2016 release, Dixon, was made using existing unpainted models and does not represent a return to using this mold, according to Breyer. The Halla mold was sculpted by Chris Hess and is Breyer mold #63.

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Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes

(c) Barbara Schweder

    63 Halla, Famous Jumper matte and semigloss bay, most with star, some with solid face, black points 1977-1985
820 Noble Jumper dapple grey, bald face, darker grey shaded muzzle and hindquarters, black front legs, two hind stockings 1990-1991
    6338 Halla Famous Jumper
With leather English saddle and bridle
matte and semigloss bay, most with star, some with solid face, black points 1977 Sears Holiday Catalog

Same as #63

    6984 U.S.E.T. Traditional Assortment
With Hanoverian, Jumping Horse (2),  Morganglanz and Trakehner
matte and semigloss bay, most with star, some with solid face, black points 1984 Same as #63

Dealer package of regular run models. Included a paper strip with a photo of a rider on a grey horse.

  712199 Dixon shaded chestnut, near hind and off fore socks 2016 Chasing the Chesapeake Table Centerpiece
(20 made)

"Breyer 2016 Limited Edition" stamped on belly.

(c) L. Arfsten     715963  International Equestrian Collector's Set
With Hanoverian, Morganglanz
fleabitten grey, grey shading around eyes and nose, grey mane/tail, shaded knees and hocks 1989 JCPenney Holiday Catalog
(3,500 made)
      Metallic Silver Halla
(in background)
metallic silver 1995 BreyerFest live auction
(1 made)
      Chalky Grey Halla chalky grey 1998 BreyerFest Live Auction
(1 made)

With Certificate of Authenticity

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