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Breyer Packaging

"Touch-ability" Display Carton, 1968-1970 Showcase Collection, 1970-1972 Regular Run Traditional Box, circa 1983

This is a sample of the various types of packaging that Breyer has used over the years. What began as a plain white shipping box has evolved into a wide variety of plastic and cardboard boxes with a fascinating history of their own. For an interesting discussion of this topic check out Kirsten Wellman's Model Horse Collectibility blog article "Collectibility test: Good things come in rare boxes."

Clicking on any photo below will open a larger version of that picture. If you have photos of interesting Breyer packaging, please contact me.

Photo Photo Description Release Dates
  Shipping Box
Model name and number stamped on box lid
  Touch-ability display carton with twist ties
Used for 15 Family Arabian Stallion, Mare, and Foal models
(c) Heather Wilkendorf Showcase Collection
With molded-in handle and self hinges on the bottom, used for 54 regular run Traditional models.
  Fully enclosed white cardboard box, with color photo of the model Early 1970s
Display boxes with blister packaging
Open-front cardboard boxes with blister plastic covering the exposed Traditional model
Late 1970s
  Blister packaging, used for Classic Arabian Foal and Classic Quarter Horse Foal (shown) ~1973-1982
(c) Sharon Walbridge (c) Sharon Walbridge Stablemate Card Packaging 1975-1976
(c) Kellie Defosset Classic Racehorse ~1975-1979
(c) Sharon Walbridge   Stablemate Card Packaging ~1976-1988
  Cardboard Box, white background, plastic bag inside, no ties 1970s
Cardboard Box, solid background, plastic bag inside, no ties 1970s
  Cardboard Box, yellow and brown background, plastic bag inside, no ties Late 1970s
(c) Sharon Walbridge   Gift Set  
  Blister-wrapped display carton Stock Horse Foal 1979
  Blister packaging used for tack and accessories ~1979-1986
(c) Janice Cox   Gift Set ~1980-1993
Bitsy Breyer Action Rider Little Bits set 1984-1987
  Little Bits Card Packaging ~1985-1988
  Solid yellow background, plastic ties 1985-about 2000
(c) Sharon Walbridge   Stablemate Card Packaging 1998
(c) Sharon Walbridge   Stablemate Card Packaging 2003-2005
  Stablemate Gift Set ~2002-2005
(c) Sharon Walbridge   Stablemate Card Packaging, Horse and Foal Set 2006
"Sunshine Stables" Wal-Mart special run series
Background suitable to the set, pink and orange detailing, twist ties
(c) Mary Dillon (c) Mary Dillon Stablemate Card Packaging
2014 World Equestrian Games, Normandy, France
(c) Kellie DeFosset (c) Kellie De Fosset BreyerFest Celebration Model 2014
(c) Kellie DeFosset   BreyerFest Single Day bag 2014
  BreyerFest "Quelle Surprise" gambler's choice packaging 2015
  BreyerFest Single Day box 2016

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