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Stablemates Collector's Club


In 2016 Breyer introduced its Stablemates Collector's Club, offering  six different Stablemates models, with one shipped every other month. The selections will include new colors on five existing and one new mold. One of these releases will be a "gambler's choice" selection, with each member receiving one of four colors. The Club is open to current Collector Club members and requires a $30 nonrefundable deposit. Each model will cost an additional $15 plus shipping at the time of order. Members of the Stablemates Collector's Club will also be able to enter a raffle for a unique Stablemate collectible. As with Breyer's Vintage and Premier clubs you must purchase each release in order to be eligible for future releases that year. Breyer has stated that there are 1,500 pieces of each model in 2016, with presumably 375 of each color in the Diesel gambler's choice.

In 2017 Breyer offered a Stablemates Club Grab Bag featuring pieces from the 2016 series, shipped at random.

Release Year


Model Number  Name Mold Selling Price
2016 712187 Primrose Quarter Horse Mare $20
2016 712186 Sylvester Warmblood Jumper $20
2016 712188 Shiloh Hanoverian $20
2016 712190 Ricochet Rearing Andalusian $20
2016 712189 Diesel
Four colors, shipped randomly
Reining $20
2016 712191 Django Django $20
2017 712214 Coco Thoroughbred Mare $20
2017 712215 Zahrat Rearing Arabian $20
2017 712216 Wolfgang Friesian $20
2017 712217 Fylkir
Four colors, shipped randomly
Icelandic $20
2017 712218 Allegiance Rivet $20
2017   Mirado New Sculpture $20
2018 712245 Kohana Mustang $20
2018   Name Unknown "Mini Me Gypsy Vanner" $20

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