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BreyerFest 2000

The following models were available exclusively at BreyerFest 2000, held at the Kentucky Horse Park.


Special Runs    Live Auction    Silent Auction

Special Run Models


Model Number Name or Color Mold Award Quantity Made Selling Price
(c) Hilary Hurley 700900 Leah's Fancy Chick Lady Phase Celebration Model 4,400 n/a
(c) Maria Firstenberg 711900 Dun Smokin'
Dun pinto
Cigar Raffle Model 26 n/a
(c) Amy D 710000 Show Boat
Glossy dappled grey
Morgan Raffle Model 26 n/a
(c) Hilary Hurley 710100 Glossy light dappled grey American Saddlebred Volunteer Model 70 n/a
  Palomino Saddlebred Stallion
(#571, not on clock)
American Saddlebred Live Show Prize Model,
Open Reserve Grand Champion
15 n/a
  Glossy light dappled grey, on
Breyer 50th Anniversary Clock
American Saddlebred Live Show Prize Model,
Open Grand Champion
15 n/a
466G Glossy Zippo Pine Bar Zippo Pine Bar Live Show Prize Model,
Novice Division
6 n/a
(c) Debra Kerr 710200 Breyer Stablemates Keychain
Set of Four
Appaloosa Special Run 2,000 sets $30/set
(c) Christy Flint 710200 Breyer Stablemates Keychain
Set of Four
Warmblood Special Run 2,000 sets $30/set
(c) Debra Kerr 710200 Breyer Stablemates Keychain
Set of Four
Arabian - Rearing Special Run 2,000 sets $30/set
(c) Doris Trenkle 710200 Breyer Stablemates Keychain
Set of Four
American Saddlebred Special Run 2,000 sets $30/set
(c) Elizabeth Emswiler 710500 Buford Walking Hereford Bull Special Run 750  
(c) Santa Fe Trail Stables 710600 Leah's Fancy
(or Leah's Fancy Breyer)
Amber Special Run 2,500 $35
(c) Janice Cox 710250 Mardi Gras
With and without dorsal stripe
Lonesome Glory Special Run 750  
(c) Janice Cox 710400 Patches Kitten Special Run 750  
(c) Greystone 710300 Sarsaparilla Mustang Special Run 1,400  
770600 Buffalo Skull Bolo Tie Set of 2 - 1 each brown and black cords   Special Run
(Silver paint added to skull of black cord bolo ties and gold paint added to skull of brown cord bolo ties. Otherwise identical to BreyerFest 1998 pieces)
~350 $25

Live Auction Models


Model Number Name or Color Mold Selling Price
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #1 Blue Dun Misty $600
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #2 Bay Snowflake Indian Pony $2,100
Lot #3 Metallic Cobalt Blue with Black Shading Friesian $1,800
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #4 Dapple Buckskin Roemer $700
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #5 Caramel Palomino Balking Mule $600
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #6 Black Appaloosa National Show Horse Rejoice $900
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #7 Bay Going Grey Sham $750
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #8 "Adonis" - Fantasy Golden Metallic Big Ben Big Ben $850
(c) Maria Firstenberg Lot #9 Dun Smokin'
(Raffle Model)
Cigar $900
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #10 Cream-Colored Poodle with Blue Color and Gold/White Bow Small Poodle $925
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #11 Seal Bay Splash Pinto Shetland Pony with Blue Eyes Shetland Pony $750
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #12 Red Roan Huckleberry Bey Huckleberry Bey $850
Lot #13 Brindle San Domingo San Domingo $1,000
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #14 Dapple Overo with Blue Eyes Jumping Horse $1,500
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #15 Gold Florentine Charolais Bull Charolais Bull $1,000
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #16 Lavender Dun with Primitive Markings Zippo Pine Bar $1,000
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #17 Golden Metallic Bay Proud Arabian Stallion Proud Arabian Stallion $1,100
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #18 Dark Palomino Cigar Cigar $750
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #19 Yellow Dun Quarter Horse Stallion Stock Horse Stallion $775
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #20 Fruit Stripe Zebra Zebra $1,125
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #21 Bay Pinto Cantering Welsh Pony $1,000
(c) Amy D Lot #22 Show Boat
(Raffle Model)
Morgan $2,650
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #23 Sorrel Overo Lady Phase Lady Phase $1,000
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #24 Dun Appaloosa Gem Twist $800
Lot #25 Wild Lacy Dapple Charcoal
By Tom Bainbridge
Proud Arabian Mare $1,575
(c) Hilary Hurley Lot #26 Glossy Light Dappled Bay
Volunteer Model
American Saddlebred Stallion $1,200
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #27 Dapple Grey Overo Lonesome Glory $2,500
(c) Jackie Hamilton Lot #28 Glossy Sorrel Fighting Stallion $2,100

Silent Auction Models

I have no information as to what was sold at silent auction this year.


Lot Number Name or Description Mold Award Quantity Made Selling Price