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BreyerFest 2004


The following models were available exclusively at BreyerFest 2004, held at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Special Runs    Live Auction    Silent Auction    Live Show Results

Special Run Models - Special Run models came with Certificates of Authenticity (See sample, below)


Model Number Name or Color Mold Award Quantity Made Selling Price
(c) Teri Melton 710104 Nobel II Andalusian Stallion Celebration Model 4,500 n/a
(c) Christy Flynt 711964 Amando Andalusian One Day Ticket Model 2,000 n/a
  Semi-gloss black, hind socks Arabian Stallion One Day Ticket Substitute ? n/a
Glossy Shaded Grey
Proud Arabian Mare Early Bird Drawing Prize 1 n/a
(c) Jackie H   El Nino
Gold Pinto
Saddlebred Weanling Early Bird Drawing Prize 1 n/a
(c) Sue Lehman   Reyo Sherman Morgan Early Bird Drawing Prize 1 n/a
(c) Jackie H 90129G Glossy Inconspicuous Show Jumping Warmblood JAH New Subscriber Raffle 1 n/a
711304 El Corazon Spirit Sunday Raffle Model 25 n/a
(c) Kim Geelan 711404 Fiero Fighting Stallion Saturday Raffle Model 25 n/a
710204 Shaded Chestnut Legionario Volunteer Model 74 n/a
(c) Sara Donovan 711104 Metallic Dun Galice´┐Żo Maracas Contest Prize Model 30 n/a
(c) Rachel   Fandango Andalusian Stallion Live Show Prize Model
Open Grand Champion
4 n/a
(c) Wendy Hick 1220 Glossy Hidalgo Silver Live Show Prize Model
Open Reserve Grand Champion
4 n/a
(c) Sande Schneider   Glossy Dark Bay Andalusian Stallion Live Show Prize Model
Open Section Champion
22 n/a
(c) Wendy Hick 476 Glossy Cigar Cigar Live Show Prize Model
Open Section Reserve Champion
22 n/a
1252 Glossy Belgian Mare Cedarfarm Wixom Live Show Prize Model
Novice Grand Champion
4 n/a
1241 Glossy Diamonds Sparkle Lady Phase Live Show Prize Model
Novice Reserve Grand Champion
4 n/a
1231 Glossy Savannah Dial Indian Pony Live Show Prize Model
Novice Section Champion
10 n/a
1201 Like a Diamond Adios Live Show Prize Model
Youth Grand Champion
4 n/a
1251 Glossy Commander Riker Gem Twist Live Show Prize Model
Youth Reserve Grand Champion
4 n/a
      Live Show Prize Model
Youth Section Champion
22(?) n/a
(c) Dozing Bee Farms 594 Flash (Regular Run) Flash Live Show Prize Model
Youth Section Reserve Champion
22(?) n/a
(c) Janice Cox 710304 Adriano Porcelain Spanish Barb Special Run 850  
(c) Elizabeth Emswiler 710914 Cobrizo Peruvian Paso Special Run 1,200  
(c) Sara Donovan 710704 Descarao Mustang Special Run 950  
(c) Sue R. Sudekum 710804 El Viajero Foundation Stallion Special Run 500  
(c) Sara Donovan 710404 Flamenca Paso Fino Special Run 500  
(c) Elizabeth Lavallee 710504 Porcelain Hidalgo Arabian - Rearing Store Special 700  
710604 Magnifico Spanish Fighting Bull Special Run 500  
(c) Jamie Dulin 701904 Paloma Marabella Special Run 900  
(c) Antina   Spanish Bucky Plush Store Special    
  Folding Pocket Flying Disc   Souvenir    

Live Auction Models - With Certificates of Authenticity


Lot Number  Description Mold Selling Price
Lot #1 Glossy Metallic Palomino Sabino Lonesome Glory $700
Lot #2 Dapple Grey Clydesdale Stallion $900
Lot #3 Dappled Blue-Black Dun American Saddlebred Stallion $2,100
Lot #4 Silver Bay Five Gaiter $1,900
Lot #5 Dappled Liver Chestnut Huckleberry Bey $1,400
Lot #6 Glossy Rainbow Silver $1,100
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #7 Dun Sherman Morgan $1,000
Lot #8 Glossy Overo Grey Roan Strapless $1,500
Lot #9 Medicine Hat Pinto Wixom $1,350
(c) Bill Robertson Lot #10 Bay Overo Pluto #475 Pluto $900
(c) Bill Robertson Lot #11 "No Bones About It" Big Ben $1,100
Lot #12 Glossy Rose Lavender Unicorn Friesian $1,100
(c) Kim Geelan Lot #13 "Fiero"
(Raffle Model)
Fighting Stallion $1,000
Lot #14 "El Corazon"
(Raffle Model)
Spirit $1,100
Lot #15 Shaded Chestnut
(Volunteer Model)
Legionario $900
(c) Maxine Factor Lot #16 "Moovelous" Mauve Grullo Cow $800
Lot #17 Glossy Black/Iridescent Dapple Blue Tobiano Zippo Pine Bar $1,200
Lot #18 "Inconspicuous" Western Horse $1,100
Lot #19 Bay Rabicano Set
(Matches Shalimar)
Proud Arabian Stallion $2,000
Lot #19 Bay Rabicano Set
(Matches Shalimar)
Proud Arabian Foal  
(c) PolarVrtX Lot #20 Glossy Dark Silver and Pearl Show Jumping Warmblood $1,100
(c) Beth Patterson Lot #21 Smutty Palomino Appaloosa Flash $3,000
(c) Beth Patterson Lot #22 Olive Grullo Cigar $1,000
(c) Wendy Hick Lot #23 Silver Dapple Lady Phase $4,000
(c) Beth Patterson Lot #24 Purple and Gold Crackle Andalusian $1,800
Lot #25 Pastel Rainbow Indian Pony $1,250
Lot #26 Copenhagen Cantering Welsh Pony $1,600
(c) Bill Robertson Lot #27 Golden Dun Hanoverian $1,300
Lot #28 Silver Dun Overo Rain $1,400
Lot #29 Red Roan Sabino Smarty Jones $2,300

Silent Auction Models

The following is a partial (I believe) list of what was sold at the silent auction. I don't know the lot numbers or final selling prices.


Lot Number Description Mold Selling Price
(c) Rachel ? Fandango (Live show prize model) Andalusian Stallion ?
? Custom Andalusian Stallion Andalusian Stallion ?
? Custom Ballyduff   ?
? Custom Strapless Strapless ?
? Custom Breyer Horse Trailer and accessories   ?
? Custom Breyer Truck and accessories   ?
(c) Sharon Walbridge 13 "Blast from the Past" Two glow in the dark Stablemate keychains from BreyerFest 2003 Andalusian (SM) ?
? Glossy 1998 JAH Stablemates set
(matte set shown)
? Glossy Royal Kaliber Show Jumping Warmblood ?
? Royal Kaliber Set Show Jumping Warmblood ?
? Saddlebred Weanling Test Saddlebred Weanling ?
? Seabiscuit & War Admiral
signed by jockey Gary Stevens
Man O' War, John Henry ?
? Glossy Bay Sabino Shire Shire B ?

Live Show Results (Click on thumbnail, below)



Sample Certificate of Authenticity: