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BreyerFest 2015

BreyerFest 2015 was held July 17-19, 2015 at the Kentucky Horse Park. Three day adult tickets cost $82.50/$80.00 for Collector Club members and three day child tickets cost $62.50/$60.00. Single day tickets, which were sold for a specific day, cost $15.00 online and $18 at the gate.

Special Run Models    Live Auction Models    Silent Auction Items    BreyerFest Program (.pdf)

Special Run Models - Special Run models have "BreyerFest 2015" stamped on belly


Photo Model Number Name Mold Award Qty Made Selling Price
711216 Simba du Pont de Tourney Roy Celebration Model ~6,504 n/a
711231 C'est Bon Warmblood Stallion Early Bird Raffle 3 n/a
711217 Éclair Standardbred Single Day Ticket Model 1,500 n/a
711217 Crème Brulee Reining Single Day Ticket Model 1,500 n/a
711217 Crepe Suzette Cantering Warmblood Single Day Ticket Model 1,500 n/a
711217 Meringue Standing Thoroughbred Single Day Ticket Model 1,500 n/a
711415 Que Sera Sera Proud Arabian Stallion Saturday Raffle 25 n/a
711425 C'est La Vie Wyatt Sunday Raffle 25 n/a
711435 Parfait Smart Chic Olena Volunteer Model ~150-160 n/a
711435 Glossy Parfait Smart Chic Olena Volunteer Show Manager Model ~4 n/a
711445 Truffles Fjord Diorama Contest Prize 28 n/a
  711216 Glossy Simba du Pont de Tourney Roy Costume Contest Prize 12 n/a
  Anahi and Agueda Hermosa, Corazon Best Custom Contest 4 n/a
711455 Crème de la Crème Lady Phase Open Show Grand Prize ~10 n/a
711465 Tout Suite Aristocrat Champion Hackney Open Show Reserve Grand Prize ~10 n/a
1742G Glossy Picasso Desatado Open Show Sectional Champion 48 n/a
1438G Glossy Totilas Totilas Open Show Sectional Reserve Champion 48 n/a
1742G Glossy Picasso Desatado Youth Grand Prize 2 n/a
1438G Glossy Totilas Totilas Youth Reserve Grand Prize 2 n/a
(c) Kellie Defosset (c) Kellie Defosset 90168 Latigo Loping Quarter Horse Youth Sectional Champion   n/a
(c) Kellie DeFosset (c) Kellie DeFosset 90172 Croi Damsha Connemara Mare Youth Sectional Reserve Champion   n/a
712134 Solar Gypsy Vanner Children's Grand Prize 1 n/a
(c) Kellie DeFosset (c) Kellie DeFosset 712111 Demeter Wixom Children's Reserve Grand Prize 1 n/a
760241 Argyle Othello Children's Sectional Champion 8 n/a
712162, 711997 Classic Arabian Set Arabian Stallion, Mare, and Foal Children's Sectional Reserve Champion 8 n/a
711218 Giverny Huckleberry Bey Special Run 1,200 $60
711219 Le Taureau Spanish Fighting Bull Special Run 800 $60
711221 Enchante Totilas Special Run 1,500 $60
711222 Haute Couture Marwari Special Run 1,200 $55
711223 Ganache Ashquar Special Run 1,200 $50
711224 Chanel Connemara Mare Special Run 1,700 $70
711225 Versailles Wixom Special Run 1,500 $65
711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - glossy chestnut overo Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
120 $85
711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - matte chestnut overo Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
960 $85
711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - glossy buckskin tobiano Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
120 $85
711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - matte buckskin tobiano Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
780 $85
711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - glossy perlino Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
120 $85
  711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - matte perlino Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
280 $85
711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - glossy dark bay semi-leopard Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
120 $85
711220 "Quelle Surprise!" - matte dark bay semi-leopard Lonesome Glory "Gambler's Choice"
Special Run
560 $85
711226 Oration Strapless Store Special 750 $50
711228 Caves of Lascaux Zebra Store Special 650 $25
  711229 Frenchie Plush Store Special 750 $15
711230 Fontainbleau
2015 BreyerFest Connoisseur Model
Salinero Store Special 350 $250
711232 Joie De Vivre
Crystal model
Cleveland Bay Store Special 450 $45
711233 Art Nouveau Warmblood Stallion Store Special 500 $30

Live Auction Models - Friday, July 17, 2015 - Admission with Three-Day Ticket only. Models come with Certificate of Authenticity.


Lot Number Name / Description Mold Selling Price
Lot 1 Mold No.732 Connemara Mare Glossy Bay Pinto Connemara Mare $2,500
Lot 2 Mold No. 720 Trotting Arabian Mare Bay Roan Trotting Arabian Mare $1,700
Lot 3 Mold No. 571 American Saddlebred Stallion Flaxen Chestnut Semi-Leopard Appaloosa American Saddlebred $2,000
Lot 4 Mold No. 40 Lady Phase Star Dapple Rose Grey Lady Phase $2,400
Lot 5 Mold No. 722 Marwari Bay Dun Pinto Marwari $2,000
Lot 6 Mold No. 66 Stud Spider Chalky Red Bay Semi-Leopard Appaloosa Stud Spider $1,000
Lot 7 Mold No. 717 Esprit Shimmery Grullo Pegasus Esprit $2,000
Lot 8 Mold No. 597 Ruffian Dappled Blood Bay Ruffian $3,000
Lot 9 Mold No. 723 Gypsy Vanner Phoenix Inspired Decorator Gypsy Vanner $1,800
Lot 10 Mold No. 155 Pony of the Americas Bay Lacy Blanket Appaloosa Pony of the Americas $800
Lot 11 Mold No. 724 Walking Thoroughbred  Dark Grullo Lacy Pinto Walking Thoroughbred $1,500
Lot 12 Mold No. 83 Clydesdale Mare Glossy Dapple Bay Clydesdale Mare $4,100
Lot 13 Mold No. 731 Working Cow Horse Palomino with Chrome Working Cow Horse $4,300
Lot 14 Mold No. 728 Loping Quarter Horse Sooty Dapple Buckskin Pinto Loping Quarter Horse $2,000
Lot 15 Mold No. 573 Cedarfarm Wixom Pearly Black Leopard Appaloosa Wixom $1,200
Lot 16 Mold No. 211 Proud Arabian Stallion Dark Blood Bay Pinto
(See also Saturday Raffle)
Proud Arabian Stallion $1,400
Lot 17 Mold No. 466 Zippo Pine Bar Strawberry Roan Zippo Pine Bar $1,600
Lot 18 Mold No. 486 Missouri Fox Trotter Glossy Pearly Gold Decorator Missouri Fox Trotter $4,200
Lot 19 Mold No. 734 & 735 Andalusian Mare & Foal Blood Bay Pintos
(Anahi and Agueda, Custom Contest prize, Silent Auction)
Andalusian Mare, Andalusian Foal $2,000
Lot 20 Mold No. 48, Stretch Morgan Shimmery Dapple Dun Morgan $2,200
Lot 21 Mold No. 708 Othello Lacy Chestnut Pinto with Flaxen Mane and Tail Othello $2,200
Lot 22 Mold No. 496 Hackney Dapple Grey Pinto ("Tout Suite" live show prize model) Aristocrat Champion Hackney $700
Lot 23 Mold No. 472 Huckleberry Bey Glossy Dark Liver Chestnut Huckleberry Bey $2,700
Lot 24 Mold No. 200 Old Timer Sooty Dapple Palomino Pinto Old Timer $2,700
Lot 25 Mold No. 730 Gaming Stock Horse Dapple Buckskin Blanket Appaloosa
(See also Sunday Raffle)
Wyatt $3,200
Lot 26 Mold No. 215 & 218 Proud Arabian Mare & Foal  Fleabitten Grey with Bloody Shoulder & Chestnut Going Grey Proud Arabian Mare, Proud Arabian Foal $4,000
Lot 27 Mold No. 725 Totilas Glossy Chestnut Pinto Totilas $5,000
Lot 28 Mold No. 31 Fighting Stallion Glossy Silver Dapple Bay Fighting Stallion $7,500


Silent Auction Items - Bids close at noon on Sunday, July 19, 2015


Lot Number Name Mold Selling Price
Lot #1 Glossy Kodiak and Denali Bear, Bear Cub  
Lot #2 Custom Simba Planter Box with Simba's Shoes and Glossy Simba Model Roy, other items  
Lot #3 Full Set of Quelle Surprise! Lonesome Glory  
Lot #4 Lisa Bickford Custom Painted Carrick Carrick  
Lot #5 Chocolate Chip Kisses 2013 Pinto World Championship Trophy Buckle and Photograph N/A  
Lot #6 Set of Four Totem Necklaces/Set of Two Pairs of Earrings N/A  
Lot #7 Metal Miniatures: 2 Sets of 3 Dogs N/A  
Lot #8 "Blue Heaven"
Design Your Own Breyer
Mustang $4,800
Lot #9 Autographed Guest Horses ?  
Lot #10 2015 BreyerFest Vive la France Vendor Pack One of each Special Run model  
Lot #11 Custom Pet Portrait and Jewelry N/A  
Lot #12 8 x 10 Photo of OT Sara Moniet RSI N/A  
Lot #13 Anahi and Agueda
Best Custom Contest prize models
Hermosa, Corazon $2,150
Lot #14 Artist Package Featuring Smokin Doubledutch    
Lot #15 65th Anniversary Model Western Horse $875
Lot #16 Basket of Bows N/A  

Blind bag for "Quelle Surprise" special run models

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