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Hidalgo Collection

In 2004 Breyer introduced a series of models and plush items based on Touchstone Pictures newly released movie "Hidalgo."  The film tells the story of American cowboy and "the greatest rider the West had ever known" Frank T. Hopkins and his horse, Hidalgo. In 1890 Hopkins was invited to enter the Ocean of Fire, a fearsome race of 3,000 miles across the Arabian Desert, competing against the world's greatest Arabian horses and their Bedouin riders. The movie was a large success and Breyer released several model horses as a tie-in to this popular horse movie.

Photo Model # Name Release Dates
1220 Hidalgo 2004-2006
1220 Glossy Hidalgo 2004
10302 Hidalgo 6" Bean Bag Plush 2004-2005
10303 Hidalgo Stablemates Arabian Adventure Set
With Arabian Mare, Rearing Arabian, Morgan Mare, Thoroughbred
10304 Hidalgo Stablemate Mustang Play Set
With Paso Fino, Thoroughbred Mare, Swaps, Thoroughbred
10305 Hidalgo 2004
10306 Hidalgo Stablemates Buffalo Bill Show Play Set
With Appaloosa, Silky Sullivan
10308 Hidalgo 10" Poseable Plush 2004-2005