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Decorator Models

Florentine Five Gaiter Copenhagen Five Gaiter Tarnished Gold Charm Running Foal

In the 1960s Breyer produced a series of models in what has become known as Decorator colors. The four Decorator colors are Copenhagen, Florentine, Gold Charm and Wedgewood Blue, with all but the Wedgewood Blue in a glossy finish. All of these models have white points, bald faces, and pale pink or white hooves, which differentiates them from other (mostly later) models with similar coloring. The Fighting Stallion, Five Gaiter, Mustang, Running Foal and the Running Mare were each produced in all four colors. At the time these models were not well received by the public and Breyer repainted the unsold models to match other original finish colors in that mold. This Decorator pattern can still be seen faintly beneath the new color on some models. Since then a variety of other decorator colors have been introduced on a variety of molds, which are usually denoted by a lower case "d" in decorator. See also Woodgrain Models.


Model Number  Mold Color Release Dates
1031 Fighting Stallion Copenhagen 1963(?)-1964
2031 Fighting Stallion Florentine 1963(?)-1964
3031 Fighting Stallion Gold Charm 1963(?)-1964
4031 Fighting Stallion Wedgewood Blue 1963(?)-1964
1051 Five Gaiter Copenhagen 1963(?)-1964
3051 Five Gaiter Gold Charm 1963(?)-1964
4051 Five Gaiter Wedgewood Blue 1963(?)-1964
5051 Five Gaiter Florentine 1963(?)-1964
1085 Mustang Copenhagen 1963(?)-1964
2085 Mustang Florentine 1963(?)-1964
3085 Mustang Gold Charm 1963(?)-1964
4085 Mustang Wedgewood Blue 1963(?)-1964
1130 Running Foal Copenhagen 1963(?)-1964
2130 Running Foal Florentine 1963(?)-1964
3130 Running Foal Gold Charm 1963(?)-1964
4130 Running Foal Wedgewood Blue 1963(?)-1964
1120 Running Mare Copenhagen 1963(?)-1964
2120 Running Mare Florentine 1963(?)-1964
3120 Running Mare Gold Charm 1963(?)-1964
4120 Running Mare Wedgewood Blue 1963(?)-1964


1964 Decorator Sales Flyer