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About This Site

Welcome to Identify Your Breyer, the largest and most complete source of information on Breyer model horses on the Internet. I’m glad you stopped by! There are thousands of photos here to drool over and information on every Breyer model known to exist, as well as information on Breyer buttons, tack, collectors’ manuals, and their annual Just About Horses magazine. If you’re looking to buy new models or sell your old collection you should definitely start with my Buying and Selling page. If you're looking for information on a particular series of models (Treasure Hunts, Holiday Horses, web specials and the like) or information on new and discontinued models by year be sure to check out the Site Index page. Oh, and there’s this section on How To Identify Your Breyer that you might want to check out, too!

I have been collecting Breyer model horses since the early 1970s, and in 2001 created “Identify Your Breyer” in order to better share this wonderful hobby with others. The site is entirely free to use, with hosting costs paid by advertising revenues and your purchases made through this link. The information you’ll find here has been obtained from many sources and is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you have corrections or additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Sadly, some people are using photos found on this site as their own pictures, most frequently on auction websites like eBay and on YouTube. This is wrong not only because you're using someone else's work without permission, but also, in the case of eBay, because you are deceiving your potential buyers by showing them a picture of something other than what they're actually bidding on. Please note that I do NOT give permission for anyone to use the photos found here for any purpose without prior permission. I will notify eBay, YouTube, and any other host of your copyright infringement if I see you using these photos, which may put your auction or your account in jeopardy. It's dishonest, and it's just not worth it. Don't do it.

How to Identify Your Breyer

1. In order to identify which Breyer model you have, you'll first need to determine which size category it falls into. The categories listed above are how Breyer classifies its molds, and that's how things are sorted here as well. Measure from the table to the top of your model's ears to see where it falls in the breakdown shown above, keeping in mind that the numbers above are just approximations. These measurements indicate the height of the average adult model; foals are correspondingly smaller in each size category. If you've looked and can't find your model in one size category, try the next one up or down.

2. Next you'll have to determine which mold Breyer used to create your horse. Breyer may re-use each mold many times, depending on the popularity of the individual mold, varying the color and other details with each release. You can figure out which mold you have by going to the right size category (Traditional, Classic, etc.) and looking at the photos shown there. You're not looking for a color match, just for the same shape. Sometimes Breyer will change the shape of the mane or tail on a model, so don't rely on that. Look instead at the action the model is taking (standing, trotting, etc.) and the general build (stocky, slender like a racehorse, etc.). Clicking on a photo will show you that picture in larger detail if you're not sure.

3. Once you know what mold you have, figuring out what model you've got is easy! Clicking on the name of the mold (such as Adios) will take you to the page for that mold. On that page is a description and usually a photo of every known model in that mold. Because they are painted by hand sometimes a shade will vary between light and dark, but the general color and the number of or absence of things like stockings and facial markings usually remain the same. See how easy that was?

Model Horse Values

I can't give you an estimate of the value of your model or your model horse collection, but there are many resources out there that can help you determine its worth. Bear in mind that a model's value is simply what someone else is willing to pay for it, no matter what the price guide or sales list tells you one is going for! A great deal depends on the condition of the model being sold, as well as on the popularity of that particular model and its rarity. Your best bet to find current values is to look at what the same model in a similar condition is selling for on an online site like eBay and Model Horse $ales Pages. Felicia Browell, Kelly Kesicki and Kelly Korber-Weimer's Breyer Animal Collector's Guide, Fifth Edition is also very helpful, though the book was last updated in 2008. More information on how to estimate values can be found on my Buying and Selling page.


For More Information

The information on this site is only a summary of what's known about each mold and model. If you'd like more detailed descriptions of individual releases or a history of the individual molds and models you should check out Nancy Atkinson Young's Breyer Molds and Models: Horses, Riders, & Animals, Revised Fifth Edition. Nancy's book is a wonderful encyclopedia of all things Breyer and has been a tremendous help to me. Felicia Browell, Kelly Kesicki and Kelly Korber-Weimer's Breyer Animal Collector's Guide, Fifth Edition contains estimated values and color photos  of just about every Breyer model made through 2008 and is also a valuable resource. Both are out of print but can usually be obtained through Amazon or through fellow collectors. Other books on the hobby are also available through your local bookstore or the link above. No serious collector should be without at least one of these terrific books!

Help Wanted!

I need your photos to fill in gaps in this catalog and to replace Breyer's stock photos. Photos must have been taken or be owned by you--I can't accept photos off of eBay or other sources without permission from the owner. Submitted photos should be in focus, offer one or preferably both full side views, and contain no tack (including halters) unless the tack came with the model. Head shots and other supplemental photos are also welcome. The best photos will have a plain background rather than a natural or stable scene. Scanned images should be at least 800 pixels wide and larger if possible. Be sure to include the model number and/or model name, if you know it--that will save me a lot of time! Photos should be e-mailed to me.

Unfortunately, photos are frequently stolen from this website for use on eBay or other sales sites. Because of this all published photos are now marked "© Identify Your Breyer." If you have submitted photos in the past and do not wish to have your photos marked in this way please contact me and I will gladly remove them from the site. Thanks for your understanding.

One area where you may notice that I'm incomplete is in one of a kind or very limited run models, such as those given away as prizes or auctioned off at BreyerFest. Another big hole is in variations like number of socks, different shades of color, and the like. If you know of a model that's not listed here, please let me know!


Your Ad Here

Hobbyists are welcome to submit their model horse-related advertising banners to this site. Ads are placed throughout the site at my discretion and are free of charge. Banners should be no larger than 728 x 90 pixels and can be emailed to me. Please be sure to include the web address that you would like your ad to point to!

This website, including all photographs and original text, is Copyright © 2001-2016 Janice Cox. It is not sponsored by Breyer Horses, which is a division of Reeves International, Inc.

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Please note that you may NOT use the photos found here for any purpose without prior permission.