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Loping Quarter Horse


The Loping Quarter Horse (G4), also referred to as Dungaree, was introduced in 2013. It was sculpted by Jane Lunger.

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Photo Photo Photo Model Number Name Color Release Dates Released Through/Notes
5396 Glow in the Dark Four Horse Set
With Morgan, Icelandic Horse, Warmblood, Loping Quarter Horse
palomino pinto 2018-2020
5886 Mystery Foal Surprise - Family 9
With Reining, Cantering Foal
bay, blaze, black points 2015-2017
6026 Western Play Set
With Appaloosa
red leopard 2017-2020
6040 Appaloosa
Assortment #6900
chestnut semi-leopard 2018-present
6049 Stable Surprise
With Scratching Foal
dark bay pinto 2020-present
6222 Horse Foal Surprise
With Loping Quarter Horse, Mustang
Scratching Foal
dark bay pinto 2021-present
9245 "Boomerang"
Spirit Blind Bag Series 2
chestnut tobiano 2018-2020 Spirit Riding Free Collection
97261 Horse Crazy Surprise Series 2 flea-bitten grey 2018 Walmart
(c) Janice Cox (c) Janice Cox 711158 Dungaree blue-grey extended blanket 2013 BreyerFest Single Day Ticket Model
(1,250 made)
(c) Bill Robertson 712120 Moon Pie bay pinto 2014 Big Easy Bash Event Model
(200 made)
712401 Spooky Surprise Blind Bags
Series 3 - Mini Bogeyman
colorful drips of slime ooze down a black coat 2021 Halloween Horse
781154 Horse Crazy Surprise Series 3 chestnut 2021 Tractor Supply Company
781154 Horse Crazy Surprise Series 3 metallic blue 2021

Tractor Supply Company

Ultra Chase Piece

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