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New for 2020

The following models are being released by Breyer in 2020. For additional photos and information on these releases click on the model number (or model name, in the case of sets) and you'll be taken to the relevant mold page. 2020 BreyerFest Live Auction models can be found on the 2020 BreyerFest page and Breyer's "Corral Pals" can be found on the Identify Your CollectA website.

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Photo Model # Name


For Sale
1789 Glossy EZ to Spot 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1797 Glossy LV Integrity Customer Appreciation Event, Part 2  
1803 King Customer Appreciation Event, Part 2  
1806 Glossy Catch Me 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1809 Glossy Dominante XXIX 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1810 Glossy Truly Unsurpassed 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1813 Glossy Khalid Customer Appreciation Event, Part 2  
1816 Glossy Buckeye 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1820 Glossy Vicki Wilson's Kentucky Customer Appreciation Event, Part 2  
1821 Stingray  
1822 The "Gangsters" - Tony Da Pony and Bugsy Maloney With Galice�o and Pony of the Americas
1823 Sable Island Horse  
1823 Glossy Sable Island Horse 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1824 The Ideal Series - American Quarter Horse  
1824 Glossy American Quarter Horse 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1825 Breyer 70th Anniversary Assortment Ships randomly.  
1825 Breyer 70th Anniversary Assortment Ships randomly.  
1825 Breyer 70th Anniversary Assortment Ships randomly.  
1825 Breyer 70th Anniversary Assortment Ships randomly.  
1825 Breyer 70th Anniversary Assortment Ships randomly. Chase piece.  
1826 Avatar's Jazzman  
1827 Favory Airiella With Performance Lipizzaner Mare and Lipizzaner Foal
1828 Winx  
1828 Glossy Winx 2020 Customer Appreciation Event  
1829 Peptoboonsmal  
1830 Adiah HP  
1831 Checkers  
1832 Raia Brick & Mortar stores only  
1834 Spectrum    
1835 Crystalline  
1838 Apparition Halloween Horse
90196 Altynai Premier Collector Club  
90197 Vermeer Premier Collector Club  
90198 Troubadour Premier Collector Club  
301163 Salidago, Dunalino Tractor Supply Company  
301164 Eclipse, Thoroughbred Tractor Supply Company  
301165 Lapwai, Mustang Tractor Supply Company  
430040 Wedgewood Stud Spider Test Piece  
430040 Chestnut Misty's Twilight Test Piece  
430040 Vintage-Inspired Appaloosa Ruffian Test Piece  
430040 Glossy Grey Belgian Test Piece  
700123 Yuletide Greetings    
711367 Ballynoe Castle RM BreyerFest Celebration model  
711367 Glossy Ballynoe Castle RM BreyerFest raffle  
711369 Boudicca BreyerFest Special Run  
711371 Slainte Surprise
(Multiple colors)
BreyerFest Gambler's Surprise Special Run  
711372 Ash BreyerFest Special Run  
711373 Brighid and Beltane BreyerFest Special Run  
711374 Oak BreyerFest Special Run  
711375 Epona
(Loose and braided mane)
BreyerFest Special Run  
711376 Thorn BreyerFest Special Run  
711377 Lugh BreyerFest Special Run  
711378 Benelli BreyerFest Store Special  
711382 Faugh-A-Ballagh BreyerFest Store Special  
711384 W.H. Topgun BreyerFest Store Special  
711385 Order of the Thistle BreyerFest Raffle  
711386 Fields of Heather BreyerFest Raffle  
711387 Ben Nevis BreyerFest Volunteer Model  
711388 Feis BreyerFest Diorama prize  
711391 Dyflin BreyerFest Early Bird Prize  
711392 Cornwall BreyerFest Best Customs Contest  
711472 Glossy Benelli BreyerFest Pre-Order  
711473 Glossy Faugh-A-Ballagh BreyerFest Pre-Order  
711474 Glossy W.H. Topgun BreyerFest Pre-Order  
712309 Honeybunch
Palomino for Christmas
712323 Trailblazer Vintage Collectors Club  
712324 Starlight Vintage Collectors Club  
712325 Josiah Vintage Collectors Club  
712326 Zahra Vintage Collectors Club  
712328 Barrington Vintage Collectors Club optional model  
712335 Goji Berries Ponies Web Special  
712336 Jujube Berries Ponies Web Special  
712337 Bilberry Berries Ponies Web Special  
712338 Strawberry Berries Ponies Web Special  
712339 Tamu and Chai Wild Animal Series  
712341 Carter Web Special  
712342 Sassy Web Special  
712345 Fabio Web Special  
712346 Bellatrix and Spica Web Special  
712348 J�l Web Special  
712348 Coal Web Special  
712351 Chetanzi Live Show Benefit model  
712357 Redmond Seattle Soiree  
712359 Bellevue Seattle Soiree  
712360 Nirvana Seattle Soiree  
712361 Pinchot Seattle Soiree  
712362 Storm Seattle Soiree  
712363 Duwamish Seattle Soiree  
712364 Olympia Seattle Soiree  
712365 Quarantini Seattle Soiree  
712388 La Molina & Masella Web Special  
712420 Black Beauty Online only  
760247 Lionel Flagship Horse  

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