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New for 2018

The following models will be officially released by Breyer in 2018. For additional photos and information on these releases click on the model number (or mold name, in the case of sets) and you'll be taken to the relevant mold page. 2018 BreyerFest Live and Silent Auctions models will be found on the 2018 BreyerFest page and Breyer's "Corral Pals" can be found on the Identify Your CollectA website.

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Photo Model # Name


For Sale
1787 Let's Go Riding English Set    
1788 Let's Go Rising Western Set    
1789 EZ to Spot    
1790 Zena    
1791 Latigo Dun It    
1792 California Chrome    
1793 Grey Shire    
1794 Empres++++//    
1795 Buckskin Appaloosa    
1796 Clydesdale Foal    
62027 Bath Time Fun    
90188 Bristol Premier Collection  
700121 Celestine - 2018 Holiday Horse    
711281 Brass Hat BreyerFest Celebration Model  
711287 Straight Bet BreyerFest Special Run  
711302 Riddle BreyerFest Early Bird prize  
712239 Ulysses Vintage Club  
712257 Fletcher Web Special. Preordered in October and November 2017.  
760245 Kodi Flagship stores only  
  2018 Vintage Club    
  Tanner Vintage Club exclusive  
  Icabad Crane BreyerFest Store Special  
  Vulcan Live Show Benefit Model  


Springtime Foals

Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale



Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
4214 Decorate Emoji Horse    
6178 Black Beauty with Book    
62028 Day at the Vet
With Jack Russell Terrier, Calico Cat
62029 Pet Groomer
With Beagle, Silver Tabby
62058 Mason
2018 Horse of the Year
New sculpture  
62053 Day Dreamer    
62118 Glossy Bella Live Show Benefit Kids Prize  
97258 Skyler
Magical Unicorn
712204 Deluxe Kid's Club    



Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
5396 Glow in the Dark Four Horse Set With Morgan, Icelandic Horse, Warmblood, Loping Quarter Horse  
5938 Mystery Foal Surprise With Andalusian Stallion, Running Mare  
5938 Mystery Foal Surprise With Drafter, Rivet  
5938 Mystery Foal Surprise With Arabian, Valegro  
6035 Wild at Heart Four Horse Set With Appaloosa, Reining, Mustang, Standing Stock Horse  
6036 Dapples and Dots Four Horse Set With Walking Warmblood, Rearing Andalusian, Arabian, Valegro  
6039 Mystery Horse Surprise With Tennessee Walking Horse, Reining, Andalusian Stallion, Cantering Warmblood, Rivet, Hanoverian, Cob, Standing Friesian, and Standing Friesian treasure model in Florentine  
712245 Kohana Stablemates Collector's Club  
712248 Raleigh Stablemates Collector's Club  
712249 Finn Stablemates Collector's Club  
  Single Assortment #6900 With Rearing Arabian, Stock Horse, Loping Quarter Horse, Walking Warmblood, Shetland Pony, Icelandic, Paso Fino, Standardbred  
  Aiden Stablemates Collector's Club  
  Name Unknown Stablemates Collector's Club  
  2018 Vintage Club Stablemate gift  


Mini Whinnies

Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
97260 Mini Whinnies Surprise
With Loping Stock Stallion (3), Cutting Stock Mare (3), High Stepping Saddlebred Mare (3), Playful Arabian Stallion (3), Cantering TWH Gelding (3), Playful Foal and Sitting Foal, Running TB Stallion
Blind Bags

Other Animals

Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
1586 Pocket Box Cats Blind Bags  



Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
  Tack and Blanket Set    


Photo Model # Name Comments For Sale
2018CAL 2018 Limited Edition Calendar    
4210 Suncatcher Paint Kit With Cantering Warmblood, Scrambling Foal, Shetland Pony, Rearing Arabian, Tennessee Walking Horse  
4211 Unicorn Paint Kit    
7198 Sprocket
Bath Time Puppy
7233 Luna
Bath Time Unicorn
7296 Lily - Care for Me Vet Set    
62022 Heather - English Rider    
700239? 2018 Holiday Snow Globe    
700319 2018 Stirrup Ornament    
700519 2018 Beautiful Breeds Ornament    
700622 2018 Carousel Ornament    
700649 2018 Unicorn Ornament    
700822 2018 Artist's Signature Ornament    

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